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Diagnostics, Imaging & Examinations

We use a variety of neurological and orthopedic tests to watch how you move so that we can accurately spot problem areas. New patients are asked to perform a variety of tests such as a straight leg raise, piriformis test, psoas muscle test, yeoman's test, and others. The doctors will also measure your legs and take X-Rays of your spine to determine what areas need work and what issues each patient is facing. This information is used to formulate a customized treatment plan to optimize each patient's health and wellness.

Purpose of X-Ray Imaging

The purpose of the X-rays is to study the condition of the bony anatomy and soft tissues. It also helps us understand the extent of wear, any anomalies in your spine, and other factors that will guide the development of the treatment plan. For example, a patient complaining of neck pain may have secondary issues in the low back because of unconscious changes in their sitting and sleeping habits over time. Being able to see the big picture allows us to take into consideration any underlying conditions when making decisions about your care. X-Ray images are also used to show patients the extent of their condition, and can help them understand the changes happening in their spine.

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