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Nutrition & Digestive Supplements

Murray Chiropractic Center carries a wide variety of nutritional supplements, vitamins, and probiotics to encourage natural health and wellness in the body. Patients see increased results and greater physical comfort when their bodies are performing at their best on the inside. Digestion and nervous system function can greatly impact your wellbeing. The doctors can help you figure out what you need based on your symptoms, lifestyle, and diet.

ProThera, Inc.

ProThera®, Incorporated specializes in the formulation and manufacture of nutraceuticals for exclusive distribution by healthcare professionals. Known for innovation, our products are based on a firm scientific foundation and sound medical research. ProThera®, Inc. operates a GMP 9000 registered facility certified by NSF® International.

Designs for Health

Designs for Health is committed to delivering high quality nutritional supplements, educating healthcare practitioners as to their optimal therapeutic use, and providing practice development solutions supportive to the healthcare practitioner. 

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